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What is Contemporary style and how can you get the look?

Hi everyone! I have been having some fun researching design styles, their origins and how they differentiate from eachother. The term Contemporary is a common buzz word among designers. In this entry I will give you some helpful information about what it actually means and how to achieve the look in your home. Contemporary style includes a combination of modern and traditional […]

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2013 Colors of the Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I like to start the new year by taking a look at the color forecast from Pantone. For those of you who dont know Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and they issue a forecast each year as to which colors will be trending in different industries including Fashion and […]

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Quick Tips for Successful Painting

Choosing the right paint for your room can be a frustrating process. Here are some easy tips for a successful, and enjoyable, painting experience.  Tip #1: When going to the paint store, bring items from your room as a point of reference. Perhaps bring a few small pillows, fabric swatches, wallpaper or a carpet sample. These will help you get inspired. […]

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