Trend Alert: Two-Toned Drapes

Here at Anna Ione Interiors we love to try new things. We keep a close eye on what is new and exciting in the world of Interior Design. Right now it is really popular to have a mixture of fabrics on one window treatment. This can be done with an over-lay or the fabrics can be sewn together.

This is one of Anna’s designs using two different fabrics on a beautiful grand entrance. The look is contemporary and elegant. This is an over-lay design; the brown polyester fabric is a panel in itself and the top fabric is a separate piece lying over the brown panel.  Drapery designs can tie together all of the unique elements of the room.

A few tips when mixing fabric:

  • Be sure to check the fiber content, using a fabric that is 100% silk may fade in direct sunlight
  • Check to see if the fabric is flame retardant especially if using the drapery in a commercial space
  • If you have small children make sure the drapery is safe and can be easily cleaned

If you enjoy reading design magazines, you may have noticed that design today is all about textures. Mixing a variety of fabrics, patterns, and styles really makes the room come to life.


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