Inspiration for Interior Decorating

One of the most challenging parts of decorating is finding a starting point. Some of my clients want to achieve a whole new look in their home, but have trouble seeing outside of the box of their existing decor. One great place to start is by finding an Inspiration piece. This inspiration piece can be anything you love, from your favorite place-mat to a vintage scarf or souvenir. It will guide you through the decorating process. Oftentimes designers will be inspired by a piece of art. You may have seen this done on HGTV, and it works!

 Here is a painting I found by the artist John Haggerty.




 This is a color palette drawn from the painting above. Once you have the colors you can start having fun with paint, window treatments, flooring, furnishing, and accessorizing. I like to choose a piece with many colors, or a fun pattern to get the creative juices flowing. Remember, whichever piece you choose, make sure you love it. The magic of inspiration is that once you get excited about the new decor it will all start to come together.

Need help finding an inspiration piece? Give Anna Ione Interiors a call!

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