Wallpaper is Making a Comeback!

Just like clothing trends, home decor trends have a way of resurfacing after a decade or two. Wallpaper is back with a whole new flair! Today wallpaper is made with a new technology that creates unique designs and include new elements. Some designer wallpapers have beads, textured imprints, glitter, gems, sand, velvet flock and even recycled window glass. Wallpaper can make a bold statement or it can be a decorative accent.

You may be wondering:“Where can I get this gorgeous wallpaper?”

You could order it from an online catalog without seeing it in your home, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. Oftentimes what you order may not be what you expected. Give Anna Ione Interiors a call and we will gladly help you find the perfect wallpaper.  We have access to an extensive library of the most current trends, elegant finds, and exciting prints.  With our cutting edge software we can show you what the wallpaper will look like on your walls!  See the photo below for an example.

Wallpaper by Norwall VG26230P Black & White 2

Have you seen any neat wallpaper lately? Who is your favorite wallpaper designer?

Please share your thoughts with us!


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