Does your Bedroom need a Makeover?

Did you know that over a third of your life will be spent in your bedroom? That is quite a bit! Why not make it your sanctuary. With the busy lives we lead, it is so nice to end the day in a place that you truly love.

These are the three most important things to consider when creating your ultimate personal retreat. 


1: Invest in a good mattress: The primary function of a well designed bedroom is to provide a haven of comfort and privacy to insure a good nights sleep. A good mattress is the foundation. 


2: Select beautiful Bedding: The key to creating a luxurious bed is variety. Custom bedding is wonderful because you can create something unique that represents you. You can choose contrasting patterns and colors to create a rich mix of layers. Matched sets tend to look boring and unimaginative.



3: Manage the Sunlight: In order to get a good nights sleep you need to be able to manage the light coming into your room. One way is to layer functional shades (like blinds or Roman shades) underneath decorative drapery. Another way is to layer blackout drapes on a traverse rod for complete darkness. For the ultimate luxury, you can have them motorized so they can be controlled from your beside with a touch of a button.



Bedrooms are fun to design, but there are many things to keep in mind. In blogs to come I will address: what to put beside the bed, how to accessorize well, and other tips for creating your ultimate personal retreat. So, stay tuned!


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